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Market Served

Abrasive Blasting & Coatings

Commercial blasting and coatings contractors play an important role in the maintenance and preservation of critical public and private infrastructure, such as highway overpasses, bridges, water towers, storage tanks, ships and pipelines.

Oil & Gas

Oil and natural gas are produced deep beneath the surface of the Earth. When hydrocarbons emerge from the wellhead they are not in a refined or usable form. Many contaminants also emerge from the well, including water vapor.

Equipment Rental

Specialty equipment rental companies play an important role supporting manufacturers, power plants, mines, refiners and chemical producers. When a critical piece of equipment goes down, sustaining production is vital. Equipment rental companies step in with the know-how and assets to keep their customers up and running.

Industrial Compressed Air & Gas

Compressed air is often called the fourth utility. Nearly all industrial facilities run a compressed air system to operate tools, pneumatic controls, blasting cabinets, paint booths, and air driven processes. Heat, water, oil and solid particles are damaging contaminants in all air systems.