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Abrasive Blasting & Coating

Commercial blasting and coatings contractors play an important role in the maintenance and preservation of critical public and private infrastructure, such as highway overpasses, bridges, water towers, storage tanks, ships, and pipelines.   The steel surfaces of these assets routinely need to be cleaned and coated to prevent corrosion and loss of useful life.

Compressed air is an essential utility in both the surface preparation and coating of steel infrastructure.  Compressed air transports abrasive grit that blasts away surface corrosion and old coatings.  It’s also used to spray new coatings onto steel surfaces.  Clean and dry compressed air is essential in both blasting and coating processes.  Contaminants in compressed air, especially water, decrease both contractor productivity and the quality of surface preparation and the adhesion of coatings.

Van Air Systems produces a range of air dryers, filters, and desiccants that are uniquely suited to the needs of commercial coatings contractors.  Van Air Systems produces both stationary and portable air drying equipment whose technology is uniquely suited to the blasting and coating industry.

Product References

The Blast Pak is an ideal solution for mobile blasting contractors. Wet compressed air clogs blasting pots and compromises the quality of the blasted substrate by putting moisture back on the surface.


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Van Air Systems D-Series Compressed Air Dryers are single tower deliquescent compressed air dryers for stationary applications. D-Series dryers are ideal for a wide range of applications, they protect against freeze-ups and require no power for operation.



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The Moisture Boss is the simplest, most cost effective point-of-use compressed air dryer available.

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Dry-O-Lite is the industry-leading deliquescent desiccant.Its a chemical drying agent specifically formulated for Van Air Systems compressed air dryers. Dry-O-Lite Desiccant prevents condensation from your portable air drying and abrasive blasting jobs, allowing for zero downtime.

Van Air Systems F200 series coalescing and particulate filters are designed to remove contaminants from compressed air and gas systems. F200 series filters help protect your equipment and save you from costly rework by removing oil aerosols, oil vapors, liquids, and sub-micron particles.


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