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Van Air Systems offers a variety of proven solutions for gas dehydration, whether the application requires meeting pipeline moisture specifications, inhibiting hydrate formation, preventing condensation in pipelines, or improving the combustible quality of fuel gas.


Deliquescent Pipeline Dryers

As the industry leader in deliquescent desiccant technology, Van Air Systems designed the PLD to be an economical and effective solution for gas dehydration. Operation of the PLD is simple. Wet gas enters the bottom of the vessel where gas velocity is reduced and flow direction is changed. In this area, heavier drops of entrained water are separated and fall into the large capacity claim area. The gas then moves upward through the bed of deliquescent desiccant tablets, which slowly dissolve as they adsorb moisture vapor.


Explosion-Proof Heatless Dryers HLSXG

Van Air Systems HLSXG regenerative desiccant compressed air dryers deliver extremely dry compressed air in the harshest and most challenging operating environments, where safety and performance are of central importance. HLSXG dryers are explosion proof and have been designed to operate in areas classified as hazardous, Class 1 Division 1, Groups C & D, per the National Electric Code.



Natural Gas Filters GF200 Series (15 – 1600 scfm)

Van Air Systems' GF200 series coalescing and particulate filters are designed to remove contaminants from compressed air and gas systems. Available in ¼" to 3" NPT connection sizes and flow capacities from 15 to 1250 scfm at 100 psig in 15 housings and 9 filtration grades, the GF200 series removes oil aerosols, oil vapors, condensed water, and particulates.