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Van Air Systems

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Van Air Systems offers portable compressed air drying solutions for a wide range of applications, from temporary plant back-up to mobile abrasive blasting and painting. The Prep 40 series of air dryers are well suited for plant back-ups, pipeline dehydration and any compressed air application requiring a -40 pressure dew point. The Blast Pak series is perfect for the mobile blasting and painting contractor who needs to keep moisture out of blast pots and nozzles.





Blast Pak PRO Compressed Air Drying System

The Blast Pak PRO is a single tower deliquescent compressed air drying package with conveniently integrated peripherals that are pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid, allowing maximum portability for mobile drying applications. These systems can be easily lifted on the back of a truck or trailer and moved about within a plant or worksite.


Prep 40 Compressed Air Drying System

When mobility and portability are essential, turn to the Van Air Systems Prep 40. The Prep 40 series delivers clean, dry and cool compressed air in one integrated forklift skid package. The package includes an aftercooler, moisture separator, pre- and after-filters, and an HL series heatless dryer.



Cool Pak Aftercooler/Filter Separator 

The Cool Pak is an aftercooler/filter separator combo for portable compressors. It reduces the harmful effects of liquid contaminants. The Cool Pak is designed for use with portable 185 CFM compressors whenever a Dry Pak PRO air dryer is not an economical solution.