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Compressed air has applications in virtually all industries. Its uses range from being a reliable source of pneumatic power in manufacturing plants to operating critical instrumentation in process industries. In every application, air quality can be adversely affected by contaminants, such as water, oil and dirt. The result is lower productivity, increased maintenance, and higher operating costs.

The most prevalent contaminant is water. Water, in the form of vapor, enters the air system at the compressor intake and is concentrated to the saturation point by compression. As cooling occurs downstream of the compressor, the moisture in this saturated air condenses into harmful liquid.

Trust a high quality, energy-efficient Van Air compressed air dryer to keep your air system flowing. With more than 60 years of experience and extensive in-house engineering capabilities, we're ready to build the right dryer for your application.





Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers

Van Air Systems single tower deliquescent compressed air dryers are an affordable and energy-free solution for preventing moisture condensation and freeze-ups in compressed air lines. With no moving parts, single tower dryers are the most versatile, affordable, and simple to operate of all compressed air dryer types.

Heatless Regenerative Dryers

Van Air Systems offers heatless regenerative desiccant dryers for compressed air flows from 3 to 2000 scfm, with options for energy-saving controls, portability, factory-mounted filters and 3-way bypass valves.


Portable Solutions

Van Air Systems offers portable compressed air drying solutions for a wide range of applications, from temporary plant back-up to mobile abrasive blasting and painting. The Prep 40 series of air dryers are well suited for plant back-up, pipeline dehydration, and any compressed air application requiring a -40 pressure dew point. The Blast Pak PRO series is perfect for the mobile blasting and painting contractor who needs to keep moisture out of blast posts and nozzles.


Natural Gas Dryers

Van Air Systems gas dryers are a proven solution for meeting pipeline moisture specifications, inhibiting hydrate formation, preventing condensation in pipelines, and improving the combustible quality of fuel gas.

In-line Desiccant Dryers

Van Air Systems in-line desiccant dryers are an effective solution for point-of-use removal of harmful water vapor.

Filters and Elements

Van Air Systems offers a broad range of compressed air and gas filtering solutions for eliminating both particulate and oil aerosol contamination.


Van Air Systems is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of deliquescent desiccants for use in compressed air and gas dryers. Van Air has invested more than 60 years in the perfection of its desiccant formulas to provide customers with dependable and cost-effective dehydration solutions.


Van Air Systems offers field-tested aftercoolers for reducing the temperature of the discharge air from a compressor, a vital first step in the air drying process.

Automatic Drain Valves

Van Air Systems heavy-duty automatic drain valves reliably discharge virtually any fluid in a wide array of applications, including cooling towers, receiver tanks, separators, compressed air dryers, and general condensate management.

Dew Point Monitors

Van Air Systems dew point monitors verify the performance of air dryers by analyzing the water vapor content of compressed air. In the event of an elevated moisture level, Van Air dew point monitors quickly alert plant personnel to minimize maintenance expenses.